Cancer Initiative Update

Key updates/points of focus during Term 2:

  • Becoming CAS leader
    I can honestly say that I’m quite proud of my status and achievement that I’ve made in the past month or so of being the official leader. I can confidently say that I’ve already had more success compared to my predecessors. So far, from February to March, we travelled 3 times to Muhimbili Hospital to be which the children. Although this does not sound like very much, taking into account the fact that we missed several sessions because of ESP or break, I’m happy that we’re back on track.
  • Welcome Guides for children at Muhimbili
    On one of our days to Muhimbili, I was able to meet with with Jane Kaijage, who leads the Tumaini La Maisha section at the cancer ward. We then discussed what the hospital specifically needed from us and came to the agreement that IST assist them in printing their parents handbooks in both Swahili and English. We’re planning on bringing the printed handbooks tomorrow when we visit. I’m really happy that we’re doing this and I hope that my legacy as a leader can be stronger communication and a focus on what specifically the hospital needs out of this relationship.
  • The status of new members
    This is definitely the greatest obstacle that we’re facing right now. Although I personally enjoy visiting the hospital and can handle the logistics of our projects alone right now, I think that for the children at Muhimbili to benefit we need more help from other students. I’ve reguarly tried to communicate this to Ms. Gillman and Ms. McKeever so from my perspective, that’s all I can really do. I’m going to work harder to contact the students of service groups with excess people who relate to Cancer Initiative.

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