Cancer Initiative Conclusions

Yesterday marked my penultimate session in Cancer Initiative, a group I have been working with for the past three years. Ironically, it seemed like yesterday was really the start of true and sustainable IST involvement at the Ujasiri House as well. We had the first meeting in a very long time with a member from Tumaini La Maisha which to me felt like a great introduction for Alqaim, the incoming leader, and a nice way for me to exit.

Reflecting, I am pleased to say that I have contributed the following to Cancer Initiative:

  • Rebooting the weekly visits to Ujasiri House and maintaining planning sessions during school
  • Holding the clothing drive
  • Appreciation

However, I think that there a few of issues that need to be tackled such as:

  • Communication with Tumaini La Maisha
  • Schoolwide involvement and participation
  • Implementation of projects (it seems that we have not done very many projects lately)

Yesterday, in particular, I think that two of these issues were addressed and prepared for improvement. I held a meeting with Beatrice Millinga, the Grant and Social Programme Coordinator, and we discussed possible projects for us to be involved with. My notes are as follows:

  • Scholarships
    • Each scholarship would be for around 600,000tsh and go towards paying for school supplies for students considering attending governtment secondary schools
    • After a conversation today, I thought about perhaps donating old textbooks (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math, perhaps Group 3 as well) that are no longer in use because of the changing (especially DP) syllabus
    • A good area to provide donations because it is not supported directly by Tumaini La Maisha
  • Funding for medicine
    • One dose is around 250,000tsh which is mostly funded by Tumaini La Maisha so this is another area where donations could be provided
  • Ujasiri House development
    • Gardening
    • Mural
    • Perhaps this would be a good area to connect with groups such as Jenga or any arts-related TAT groups
  • Arts and crafts activities
    • Bringing in skills to the children
    • Selling handicrafts at the Arts Out Loud Festival — I am going to contact Ms. Patel to set up a stall where the kids can sell the products that they’ve sewn and whatnot
  • IT
    • The kids do not have funding or access to laptops
    • They are in need of maybe a new DVD player for entertainment
    • We are contacting the IT department for this to see if there is anything that the school doesn’t use anymore but is still operational
  • Welcome Pack
    • The welcome packs for the students include thermoteter, mug, container, toiletries, kanga, hand sanitizer, toys
    • We could organize donation drives for toys and clothing in good repair

Given that this will be my last post before I leave Cancer Initiative, I am posting a few photos of the experience, particularly from the previous session which was fantastic!



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