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THIMUN Application

This week marks my official submission of my application for ICJ at THIMUN 2016! I think that writing a letter of motivation really helped me understand why it is that I enjoy MUN and am interested in furthering my involvement in the activity. Having the opportunity or an actual purpose to writing down my true thoughts regarding MUN provided me with a time to reflect on things I had never considered so much. Attached is my letter of motivation and after this, fingers crossed I’ll be accepted! Sophia Rafuse ICJ Letter of Motivation Draft III


New Year / Same CAS / New Name

This year I have chosen to work with Muhimbili Hospital’s Cancer Ward and Tumaini la Maisha once more and although it is the same activity a lot of changes have happened giving me new concerns and aspirations for the coming year. The two most major changes would be:

  • Cancer Institute -> Cancer Initiative

The service group has completely changed it’s name and although the general goal and focus remains the same, the way that we’re getting there is completely different. For example, in past years, what we’ve mostly done is gone to Muhimbili and played with the kids, and although this is definitely a gratifying experience, I worry sometimes that we’re not using our resources to the best of our capabilities. Through changing the name to “Cancer Initiative”, we’ve now focusing on raising awareness on cancer itself and campaigning for Muhimbili. I think that this is a great idea but I’m struggling as to picture how exactly we’re going to be successful in this because of certain gaps in our leadership that I noticed in the first few weeks.

  • New group of people

Last year, most of our group was in high school with I think one member being in middle school – and only for the first semester. This year however, the vast majority of members are in grades 6 and 7 which creates a completely different atmosphere and energy. It’s definitely positive when we’re travelling to the hospital and playing with the kids but I worry that some of their suggestions are slightly too naive and it will be difficult to do long term projects with the members constantly rotating. Having the pressure of a new group each semester however, might push us to get more done in the first semester.

Goals for this year

I’m looking forward to taking over the leadership role in Cancer Initiative come January and so I think that my main focus for this semester will be to involve myself as much as possible to understand the connections outside of school that we have. Along with this, I’m going to try to be more proactive about the different activities we bring to Tumaini la Maisha and fundraisers at IST.