Action, Volleyball

ISSEA Reflection

Just a week ago was the ISSEA volleyball tournament, and I think that this experience really was a fair representation of how it is not the destination that matters so much, but the adventure. Although we only placed 7th place, we definitely grew as a team both in the way that we played and our relationships.

Personally, I was proudest of myself during our game to HIS when I felt that I was able to contribute the most as an athlete. My work in the back court has made me confident that this is something that I want to use to my advantage in order to help the team next year. After seeing the way that I was able to motivate myself and perform, I am seriously considering talking to whomever the new coach will be about playing libero in our team next year. Through this learning experience, I think that we would significantly benefit from having someone take that position and I am confident that I could train myself to be that person.

Although we did only come in 7th place, I think we had the potential to do so much better. Given the fact that these were the only games (or sets) that we had won the entire season, I hope we made IST proud with at least stepping up our game. What I am most proud that we accomplished were the plays against AISJ when we almost beat the winning team in the second set (22-25). If we were as motivated as we were at that time, I have no doubt we would have taken ISSEA by storm.

Overall, we were able to develop amazing collaborative skills and truly develop into a team in the greatest sense of the word, personally improve on each of our behalves and challenge ourselves, and simply enjoy ourselves. I think that this definitely proves that it was a worthwhile and successful experience.