Creativity, Theatre

Proposal: HS Play

Experience type: Creative

Duration: August 2016 – December 2016

Supervisors: Ms. Patel, Ms. Payne

Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00, black box costume room

This semester, I will be working in the costume and props department of the Black Box Theatre Company’s rendition of “Twelve Angry Jurors”. I have identified this as a creative CAS experience given the creative thinking and process involved in costume design and preparation along with the more conceptual aspect as how it fits into the themes associated with the play. This is an incredible opportunity to undertake new challenges, plan and initiate activities, work collaboratively with others, engage with issues of global importance for the following reasons:

Learning Outcome 2: Undertaking new challenges 
Although I have been involved in theatre from a very young age, this year marks the first time that I am so heavily involved in the backstage and specifically in costume and props. This is a completely different aspect of theatre which requires new and different skills and, with this, entails new and different challenges. This includes a stronger emphasis on design and visuals along with organization and logistics.

Learning outcome 3: Plan and initiative activities
This year, the Black Box Theatre Company has decided to have this play directed by teachers both on stage and behind the scenes. Although this minimizing the relevance of this learning outcome, it remains significant in the fact that we are supervised by teachers however, the brainstorming, planning, and sourcing of materials in essentially on behalf of the students.

Learning outcome 4: Working collaboratively with others
In order to execute a professional and well-done production, there are a variety of individuals involved. I am working most closely with three other girls in the costume department and as we have no particular leader, although some may take on this responsibility through their characters, it is a great example of working collaboratively and really building off of each other. Outside of our smaller group, we have to work alongside the set to make sure that the costumes will not clash or sink in as well as the actors so that they feel comfortable with how their characters are being portrayed.

Learning outcome 6: Engage with issues of global importance
I think that this is the most unexpected outcome to arise from this project however maintains relevance. The play that is being put on is “Twelve Angry Jurors” and discusses in depth the themes of justice, social inequality, and in turn social responsibility. We were given the job as costume designers to channel these themes while challenging the strict perimeters that the original play presents. Through portraying these ideas on characters in a play without setting we try to illustrate the timeless and more true aspects of each of these themes and therefore understand them in a more global way.


Creativity, Theatre

Run-Through After a Long Break

Saturday, November 7th marked a very important day in terms of preparation for this year’s high school play. It was the second rehearsal that the entire ensemble came together and honestly felt like the first rehearsal that any progress was really made. Starting at 1pm, we had a run-through showcasing every single piece in the entire show.

I was incredibly nervous given that I literally had not met with any of my cast in over a month however, was ended up being really pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I was not feeling very well and had a head and stomach ache for this rehearsal so I could not give it my all. In the end, though, Ms. Malina seemed to really like Hair Director and we were welcomed with lots of laughter throughout the performance. The fact that, even though being sick, I was able to receive this kind of feedback and a really positive reaction from the audience makes me confident that once I properly learn my lines and blocking, it’ll definitely be a highlight for the show. My only concerns right now are just preparing for my character. My director wants me to put on a certain accent and I feel like that not only stresses my vocal chords too much but kind of defeats the purpose of this neo-futurism which we’re trying to work with.

The second piece that I’m taking part is titled Heads You Lose and it’s this one which I am a little more worried about. As an actor, I think that it challenges me a lot more because it is quite a serious piece in terms of the struggle of the character but the execution should be comedic. I’m finding it difficult to create an appropriate balance between Tamara and I as she’s doing really well. I think that if I become more confident with the blocking I’ll be able to be much better so again, we should be good for the performance itself.

Tomorrow is the next rehearsal and then another run-through on Saturday so hopefully progress will be made and photos coming!