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MUNing onto better things – hopefully

This year, I have finally built up the motivation to apply for a leadership position. The way I see it is that I hope to continue being active even in my senior year, and the only way to do so is to be a member of the organizing and leading team. I have decided to apply for the position of Co-Deputy Secretary General primarily because in the coming year it will include Director of Education and Development. I think that this is something I would be great at given my technical skills in MUN as well as my general hope to improve the program! Below, see my letter of interest sent to the teacher advisors.

Sophia Rafuse Letter of Interest


Kigamboni Pilot Course

On May 14th, I partook in a program that Ms. Rodriguez has started in order to teach two Spanish classes at Kigamboni Community Centre. On this occasion, the students came to IST and Ben and I were assigned to the children’s class. I enjoyed it because it was amazing to see children so eager to learn.

Luckily, my Spanish is on a level where I can express myself correctly and coherently and especially in this kind of setting as I just needed to know how to instruct these children. Because the children don’t speak English, it makes it demands more from my Spanish but I think that it is definitely the kind of practice that will help me be more confident with the language and more fluid when I speak. Ben and I brainstormed the week before and brought the children Uno and Twister in order to practice learning the numbers, colours, and body parts.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the last session but I’m incredibly excited for this weekend! I’m not sure what the plan is yet however, after just that one experience I’m certain that I want to be more involved in this organization and pursue it even more next year.

Below, see a short slideshow with some photos from the activities!

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