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THIMUN Reflection 29/01/2016

Below is an excerpt from one of my THIMUN blog post responses. I think that it best describes this experience:

This week can most accurately be described as a learning opportunity. Although honestly at the moment I’m not very confident in Ben and I winning our case, I can safely say that we did our best and the evidence was simply not in our favour. Each day has been a new experience to reflect on and I can safely say that there has never been a dull moment.

Our case began on Wednesday and it definitely was a whirlwind of emotions on my behalf. I gave the opening speech and feel as though the delivery was not executed as well as I could have done because of my nerves and then we proceeded with the evidence and cross examining the Somalian witness. Unfortunately, we were not as prepared as we could have been which I think came across as incompetence, something our coordinator did not seem to take well to. I was really impressed by my partner’s cross examination and definitely think that that was a plus in the whole day. In retrospect however, I don’t really understand why I was stressing so much; I got really great feedback from my judges which made me realize to be easier on myself.

Thursday was ultimately our final day of working and whatnot and I still cannot believe that 4 months of preparation led to this day. I think that we were able to confidently answer all questions asked to us and was really impressed honestly by the fluency and quality of our answers. Our opponents were definitely a tough match and so as long as we have a couple of votes in our favour, I will definitely feel like a success.

I realized this week that ICJ is really not for me. I would probably enjoy being a judge but honestly, I really miss debating and shutting people down and being able to argue to my heart’s content. It was a great thing to try but I can safely say that I will never be an advocate ever again.


A Clean Start!

This week we finally began to realize our plan of organizing IST’s first Colour Run!

The first step was taken by our leaders to contact the CCBRT service group and we now have a reserved date as well as route. This was finally put to good use through creating posters today (10/11/15) to advertise the event around school. This was honestly a refreshing activity because I was able to collaborate with people from my group that I don’t usually and actually found myself talking a lot with three girls in 6th grade who I feel like I actually know. I’m really impressed that I’ve gained this kind of a relationship from Take Action Tuesdays. Below are two photos: the first of our poster, the second of Tyra, Freja, and Inès drawing 

I think that the next step is to become sorted with the logistics which I plan on asking our leaders about next session. Despite being quite busy right now with HS Play and THIMUN preparation, I’m really interested in establishing myself more in this class so that I’m prepared to take on a leadership role as mocks begin soon. AtMNe9PL60Q7o8W_r4GpLvejEUgvYOvU--y4zGbGQ1SPAt6TvIZCjtA12EqE4dunKt8aQB_fnQ-JTI6v-4ys17Cn

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ISSEA Reflection

Just a week ago was the ISSEA volleyball tournament, and I think that this experience really was a fair representation of how it is not the destination that matters so much, but the adventure. Although we only placed 7th place, we definitely grew as a team both in the way that we played and our relationships.

Personally, I was proudest of myself during our game to HIS when I felt that I was able to contribute the most as an athlete. My work in the back court has made me confident that this is something that I want to use to my advantage in order to help the team next year. After seeing the way that I was able to motivate myself and perform, I am seriously considering talking to whomever the new coach will be about playing libero in our team next year. Through this learning experience, I think that we would significantly benefit from having someone take that position and I am confident that I could train myself to be that person.

Although we did only come in 7th place, I think we had the potential to do so much better. Given the fact that these were the only games (or sets) that we had won the entire season, I hope we made IST proud with at least stepping up our game. What I am most proud that we accomplished were the plays against AISJ when we almost beat the winning team in the second set (22-25). If we were as motivated as we were at that time, I have no doubt we would have taken ISSEA by storm.

Overall, we were able to develop amazing collaborative skills and truly develop into a team in the greatest sense of the word, personally improve on each of our behalves and challenge ourselves, and simply enjoy ourselves. I think that this definitely proves that it was a worthwhile and successful experience.