A Clean Start!

This week we finally began to realize our plan of organizing IST’s first Colour Run!

The first step was taken by our leaders to contact the CCBRT service group and we now have a reserved date as well as route. This was finally put to good use through creating posters today (10/11/15) to advertise the event around school. This was honestly a refreshing activity because I was able to collaborate with people from my group that I don’t usually and actually found myself talking a lot with three girls in 6th grade who I feel like I actually know. I’m really impressed that I’ve gained this kind of a relationship from Take Action Tuesdays. Below are two photos: the first of our poster, the second of Tyra, Freja, and Inès drawing 

I think that the next step is to become sorted with the logistics which I plan on asking our leaders about next session. Despite being quite busy right now with HS Play and THIMUN preparation, I’m really interested in establishing myself more in this class so that I’m prepared to take on a leadership role as mocks begin soon. AtMNe9PL60Q7o8W_r4GpLvejEUgvYOvU--y4zGbGQ1SPAt6TvIZCjtA12EqE4dunKt8aQB_fnQ-JTI6v-4ys17Cn