Kigamboni Pilot Course

On May 14th, I partook in a program that Ms. Rodriguez has started in order to teach two Spanish classes at Kigamboni Community Centre. On this occasion, the students came to IST and Ben and I were assigned to the children’s class. I enjoyed it because it was amazing to see children so eager to learn.

Luckily, my Spanish is on a level where I can express myself correctly and coherently and especially in this kind of setting as I just needed to know how to instruct these children. Because the children don’t speak English, it makes it demands more from my Spanish but I think that it is definitely the kind of practice that will help me be more confident with the language and more fluid when I speak. Ben and I brainstormed the week before and brought the children Uno and Twister in order to practice learning the numbers, colours, and body parts.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the last session but I’m incredibly excited for this weekend! I’m not sure what the plan is yet however, after just that one experience I’m certain that I want to be more involved in this organization and pursue it even more next year.

Below, see a short slideshow with some photos from the activities!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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