The Amazing Race 4.0

Last weekend, I participated alongside Meera Shah and Malaika Colaso in the Fund a Child’s annual Dar es Salaam Amazing Race. I had competed in the previous year as well with Malaika, finishing in 4th place and was incredibly impressed with how the group managed to improve the event and make it even more fun and inclusive.

The three of us travelled around Dar es Salaam including to multiple destinations in town which was a really great experience. It kind of disappointed me how I realized that although I do venture off the peninsula more than most of my friends, I really cannot consider myself familiar with town. It’s unfortunate to have such a connection to a city and yet realize how that connection might not be so valid… Nonetheless, it was amazing getting to run around an area much more bustling and vibrant than Masaki or Mikocheni for a day at least! Fund a Child’s leaders did a really great job in creating a fun and exciting way for students at IST especially to get to know their city better.

Along with this appreciation for my surroundings, I was able to enjoy a morning of fun and healthy competition with a great workout! Malaika, Meera, and I finished in second place earning both a set of phones and incredibly sore muscles for the next couple of days!



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