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Run-Through After a Long Break

Saturday, November 7th marked a very important day in terms of preparation for this year’s high school play. It was the second rehearsal that the entire ensemble came together and honestly felt like the first rehearsal that any progress was really made. Starting at 1pm, we had a run-through showcasing every single piece in the entire show.

I was incredibly nervous given that I literally had not met with any of my cast in over a month however, was ended up being really pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I was not feeling very well and had a head and stomach ache for this rehearsal so I could not give it my all. In the end, though, Ms. Malina seemed to really like Hair Director and we were welcomed with lots of laughter throughout the performance. The fact that, even though being sick, I was able to receive this kind of feedback and a really positive reaction from the audience makes me confident that once I properly learn my lines and blocking, it’ll definitely be a highlight for the show. My only concerns right now are just preparing for my character. My director wants me to put on a certain accent and I feel like that not only stresses my vocal chords too much but kind of defeats the purpose of this neo-futurism which we’re trying to work with.

The second piece that I’m taking part is titled Heads You Lose and it’s this one which I am a little more worried about. As an actor, I think that it challenges me a lot more because it is quite a serious piece in terms of the struggle of the character but the execution should be comedic. I’m finding it difficult to create an appropriate balance between Tamara and I as she’s doing really well. I think that if I become more confident with the blocking I’ll be able to be much better so again, we should be good for the performance itself.

Tomorrow is the next rehearsal and then another run-through on Saturday so hopefully progress will be made and photos coming!


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